About Hayden Environmental (HEI)

The "Phase 1" Specialists

Hayden Environmental was established in 1992 to respond to a need that exists in the environmental industry. There were many outstanding 'full service' environmental firms in Southern California. Very few, however, specialized in performing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). For many firms, the ESA was and is approached as a way of positioning themselves to get any additional work recommended therein. This had led many to recognize the inherent conflict of interest that this represents. Hayden Environmental eliminates this potential conflict in that no other environmental services are offered.

Hayden Environmental recognizes the importance of an ESA. The company was formed with the expressed purpose of providing the best, most complete, most thoroughly researched report available. At Hayden Environmental, our fees are always competitive. Also, because we are not in the business of conducting Site Investigations (Phase IIs) there is no undue incentive to recommend them.

Our assessments are grounded in a solid understanding of the primary function of an ESA. Liability for environmental contamination can be expensive and time consuming in the extreme. While there is no guarantee that it will, an ESA is designed to allow a party coming into possession of real property, either as a tenant, buyer or lender forced to foreclose, to avail themselves of the "innocent landowner" defense. ESAs can also be a very valuable tool for an owner or tenant to establish a baseline condition of a property proper to the commencement of a lease.

Hayden Environmental has researched the law and has a complete understanding of the appropriate inquiry needed to utilize this defense. Additionally, Hayden Environmental adheres to the standards for environmental assessments promulgated by the ASTM Designation E 1527-05.

Hayden Environmental "Phase I" Assessments

All Hayden Environmental "Phase 1" Assessments include these 5 basic components:

  1. Subject property inspection and surrounding property observation
  2. Federal and State Environmental Database Review
  3. County and /or local Government Record Review
  4. Historical Use (Aerial Photograph, Fire Insurance Maps, Etc.) Review
  5. Interview with a party having knowledge of the subject property

As a service to our clients, Hayden Environmental can recommend a competent environmental engineering firm to conduct a site investigation. Hayden Environmental is fully insured, with policy coverage of $1,000,000 for Professional Liability and $1,000,000 for General Liability.